YogaKonsert Privacy Policy

1.Your data is use only for the purpose of inviting you to our YogaKonsert sessions in the future. Also to let you know about important messages.

2. Your data will not be collected for any other purpose than the stated above.

3.Your data will not be share with third parties or used for any other commercial intentions.

4. We use Mailchimp to send newsletter which is GDPR compliant.

5. The design studio Pixel Kingdom of Sweden is the data processor and runs the website management. (GDPR compliant.)

6. You will be notified if any of these terms changed. And you will always have the chance to opt-out.

In the case of a breach of data you will be notified within 72 hours and we will do our best to resolve that within 48hs as required from GDPR.

All our servers and providers work over SSL/HTTPS encrypted connections.